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A 4-day journey of growth, inner discovery & connection with the brothers at the shore of Portugal


Inner Alchemy Retreat

A 4 day immersive experience.

Experience an inspiring and transformative 4-day journey of self-reflection and exploration to uncover the hidden potential of your true self. Connect with your fellow brothers and embark on a journey of growth and understanding together.

Our carefully crafted program will help you create or strengthen rituals that you can continue even long after you get back home, allowing you to comprehend the true essence of being connected to the natural world, yourself, and your brothers.

Unearth your inner wisdom and develop a deep appreciation of life as you connect with the beauty of your inner and outer worlds while discovering the immense power of the collective.

Step into a journey of growth and transformation, Open yourself up to a truly unique experience that has the potential to change the way you show up and look at the world!

Physical Activation

Explore your body, understand what you’re capable of and how you respond. A key factor into knowing thyself. Create the connection for inner strength and power.

Sacred Silence

The power of silence is just as powerful as the power of sound. During our retreat, we invite you to be present with what is during moments of sacred silence and be present with whatever comes up for you in the moment. Feel it, write about it, and sit with it. Empowered by their collective strength, men find a profound power in silence.


Gatherings are a cornerstone of our experiences. They provide a safe and sacred space for connection and self-exploration. Here, you will be able to tap into your inner wisdom and share your experiences with others. You will be supported by the collective energy of the group as you open up to a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions. This is a powerful opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and take the time to connect with your true self.

Nature Interconnectedness

Nature is a part of who we are and what we become. During our retreat, we invite you to reconnect with the natural world, be mindful of your impact on it, and take responsibility for it. Let nature be your guide as you explore the depths of your inner self. Embrace the power of the outdoors and awaken your senses to the wonders of the natural world. Open yourself up to the possibilities of nature as your teacher and companion, let it lead you on a journey of discovery.

1 on 1 opportunities

Take the time to connect with yourself and your peers on a deeper level with one-on-one opportunities. Here, you can check-in with one of the facilitators or other participants and gain a better understanding of what is still present for you, and what needs individual attention. Receive the support you need to truly explore the depths of your inner self, and take the time to connect with your true self and the people around you.

Ritual Combat

Ritual combat is a powerful experience for men, allowing them to explore physical boundaries and push themselves to take risks they may never have taken before. It can lead to greater appreciation of personal strengths, increased self-confidence, and an understanding of the power of emotions. Additionally, it can be cathartic, allowing men to release inner emotions in a constructive manner. This can also help create stronger relationships with others, as it encourages men to trust and support each other.

Sound & Ceremony

We can use sound to clear energy, reset our vibration, and open up to the higher vibrations of the universe. Through ceremonial practices, we can create a sacred space in which we can explore our innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing us to reach a deeper level of understanding and connection with our true selves.

Ceremonies can be used to honour our ancestors, to express gratitude, and to offer respect to our environment. As we come together in ceremony, we can open up to the energy that is created, and use it to open our hearts and minds to the potential of our inner selves.


The most important part is that we celebrate being alive, that we have fun together and explore that field of compliments and encouraging each other to celebrate steps. We will bring brotherhood into practice through the experience of celebration & fun.

Team Building

Just as much as we learn to explore oneself and through that the connection with other. We will spend time to understanding the beauty of interdependency between each other. You will be put to a challenge as a group, where there is no other way of working together. Where there is no room for just 1, but all.

Your Hosts

Oscar Alonso Delgado

The founding father of The Gathering of Men. Has gained his experience of working with people through travels & stepping up to the role as a facilitator & coach. He has now worked with over 200 men over the period of 2 years. Someone who tries to live by what he communicates. A baggage of 4 years of coaching, 300+ people guided in total, loves traveling and adventure, 6+ years of meditation. Always tries to bring in the lightness of life and joy into his gatherings.

Thijs Haselhoff

Thijs is hugely devoted to whatever he sets his mind to, puts his heart and soul in everything he feels to create and, he allows his vulnerability to share his inner true feelings. To me, he is the anti-stereotypical man that has the looks, is physically built strong, and has a charming personality. However, his inner being is equally beautiful. Never judge a book by its cover.

Thijs inspires other men to be real, raw, and revolutionary to this era of men.

Stefan Schotsborg

Host, producer, and all-around wizard of The Gathering of Men. With his unique blend of wisdom and wit, He will take you on a journey of transformation and self-discovery that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to take on the world. As a master of connecting with people, Stefan brings a special touch to the retreat that will help you connect with your inner self and unlock the power of your own alchemy. Here to help you to let go of the old and embrace the new.

“Unlock the power of your true self and embark on a transformative journey together”

What men like you experienced

“So far I’ve attended one men’s circle and the Great Gathering. I have had so much fun and felt much connection. As a men’s work facilitator myself, I know a thing or two about the work, and I really feel The Gathering of Men has capable group leaders who are able to carry the group”

- Oskar, 32

“To me, TGOM is courage. A safe space where you can open up in front of other men ”

- Luuk, 20, Netherlands

“The Gathering of Men was a unique experience for me to gather, connect, share and celebrate life with a bunch of like-hearted people. My trip from Antwerp was more than worth it to be part of this powerful group of men!”

- Domien, Belgium

“A day is a day, but spending an overnight with the brothers, waking up together, sharing the table, the emotions & the conversations is something else”


€999,- incl. VAT (1 payment or in instalments)

  • 4 days program / 3 overnight stay
  • Accommodation (basic camping accommodation)
  • Food & Drinks (non-alcoholic & vegan)
  • Facilitators
  • Transportation around site & to activities
  • Transport to location/airport
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!


Kaya Grounds, Azenhas do Mar, Sintra, Portugal.

Dates & Time

Thursday 22 June till Sunday 25 June.

Start program: 16:00 on 22 June
End program: 14:00 on 25 June


If there’s any questions left unanswered of you wish to reach out you can do that by reaching out through here.

I cannot pay at once, what are the options?2023-01-02T12:45:42+00:00

For that you can send a direct mail to: hellothere@thegatheringofmen.earth and we look together for possibilities.

I’ve been present at gatherings, so I’ve seen how to do it. Should I still do this?2023-01-02T12:44:16+00:00

For us this is a 100% yes. We’ve had men coming in for many times and decided to host afterwards. Realising that it is a whole different ballgame. Many more factors at play & one of the biggest is yourself. Being a facilitator at a gathering is more complex than a participant/guest for many reasons. We’ll dedicate specific time to this during the course.

Will I learn interventions & dealing with trauma?2023-01-02T12:44:34+00:00

For this initiatory journey no. This will provide you a clear overview on creating a structured and organized journey while also holding yourself. To intervene is a next level to the course. For that you need more time & first create a truly safe space.

Will I be a facilitator for The Gathering of Men after this?2023-01-02T12:37:05+00:00

Possibly. If we feel we’re a good match we can initiate and progress further on working together. This will also serve if you start your own men’s gathering. You can explicitly state after signing up if you want to do it for us and by that time we will assess whether the time is there or not.


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