The Gathering of Men is a brotherhood based in the Netherlands that offers both an online and offline community, workshops, and retreats for men who want to connect with other men in a supportive and inspiring way to learn how to live a more healthy masculine life.

Each one of the men comes in with a complete different story,
but we all have the same intention, to become as authentic as we can be to ourselves.

We believe it is important to seek the divine while staying grounded in the modern day society.

And we’ll do it together because we’re brothers who want nothing more than to help each other out on this journey called life!


Local Gatherings


The regular are for everyone free to join at any moment and any situation. It is a gathering that will provide the space to relate with yourself and men. The regular gatherings create consistency and opportunity for men to show up, share, energise & decompress.

Every month in Haarlem & Amsterdam



A course consisting of 3 online and 4 offline sessions that will assist and support men who feel inspired to facilitate, guide and hold space for a gathering (of men). We will offer basic principles and tools to hold space, create rituals and guide a group through a process of authentic connection.

Start program: March 2024

Multiple day event


Experience an inspiring and transformative 4-day journey of self-reflection and exploration to uncover the hidden potential of your true self. Connect with your fellow brothers and embark on a journey of growth and understanding together.

Next date: 28 sept – 1 oct

“No more competition, we collaborate as brothers”


“The Gathering gives me a sense of purpose, a place I can be, share, feel, listen, learn, get inspired and a place to sharpen the tools to do the work”

- Nigel

“Even though we have a lot on our plates and a mouth full of unanswered questions, when we gather it’s so much easier to digest”

- Guillermo

“Has given me a feeling of belonging to something greater than myself and the knowledge that there are healthy strong masculine men out there to learn from ❤️ so grateful for this brotherhood!”

- Tim

Join us

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To launch next year “The Disciplined”

Offering a 6 month journey that will transform your mental, emotional and physical game. We’ll not only explore the gatherings together but we’re going to take it further. So you become a man who can do more than just a few things. This will start next year.

  • Monthly regular gathering with a fixed group
  • A physical fitness day (learn how to train properly)
  • A physical training day (self protection, the basics of combat)
  • Cooking workshop (the basics on how to build up meals and become a legend in the kitchen)
  • BBQ in summer with the group (connect in a festive setting)
  • Authentic Dance Workshop (learn how to move your body authentically)
  • The Bathering of Men (learn to relax too and enjoy the day in the wellness with the men)
  • Discount on other events

This will soon the be launched, you can join the waiting list by dropping us an email via here. Ps. Limited spots available.

Online Community Platform

A platform where we bring together the stories and worlds of all men. An online brotherhood that surpasses distances and time, creating a global web of engagement with other men & connection to invite men to dive deeper within themselves; weekly online check-in’s, engage around a variety of topics, get informed and inspired through articles, posts, polls and questions, share and study inspiring movies, documentaries, books and music, connect with your brothers through group chats and direct messaging, keep the conversation going before, during and after our in-person events.

The good thing, it’s for free. A donation is always welcome to keep it running!