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The journey inward & outside

Portugal | March | 2021


The Journey Portugal

A 10 day Journey combining adventure travel and self exploration. The good thing? We’ve been here twice for campaign shoots with our partner Nomad and know the best spots as you can see from the pictures. We’ll have bonfires every night, we’ll go hiking 4 times, a possibility to surf, relax at basecamp with a pool, food provided. The. Ultimate. Experience. Not really a vacation, but definitely a Journey that you won’t forget. The majority of the pictures come from our fellow partners Matemade & Nomad outdoor gear.

We will be around Sintra province. The South of Portugal and below Lisbon!

Enough fluffy stuff, what’s practically waiting for you…




March 2021 – 27 March till 5 April (cancelled due to C)
No new date scheduled yet!


Staying around Sintra and will be moving from there. Flight is on Portela airport in Lisbon.

Group size

The group is limited to 11 people + 2 (life) guides to ensure the intimacy of the group.

Duration & Program

The Journey will be 10 days long, including arrival and departure day. Arrival day is the first day and departure day the last day.


€1.234,- incl. VAT – Full amount/instalments (max 3 payments)

Included all (Pre-Journey & the Journey activities)
  • All accommodations
  • All food (except for alcohol)
  • Hiking (guide, tents)
  • Gear workshop (Pre-Journey)
  • Discounts at many partners
  • Physical preparation (Pre-Journey)
  • Transport & pick-up/drop-off airport (fixed routes)
  • Guidance through all processes
  • Some good ol’ 20% – 50%discounts for outdoor shopping
  • The adventurers’ package (worth €130). You can see it when you scroll all the way down to the gallery.
  • * Refund if due to the BIG C
  • Flight (around €100 to fly on Lisbon)
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Equipment & gear
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!



A strong focus on personal growth through 6 step journey from getting out of your own way, finding your way, up to making way.

Group sharing

Come together around bonfires and share worlds, emotions and stories in a safe environment.


4 days of hiking bringing you to the most beautiful parts that nature has to offer cliffs, forest, sea. No problem!


A beautiful house where we can relax on the days of no-hiking. There’s a pool, there’s a place for bonfire and fresh grass!

1-on-1 sessions

There’s always time to focus on you alone in your own Journey with one of our life-guides. You’re in good hands, really.


Every. single. night. a. bonfire. The place to be where good conversations and fun is guaranteed!

What people like you experienced on similar Journeys

“I now know better what direction I want to take and became aware of the power of human connection”

- Remco

“You (re)discover your authentic power, the things that drive you and your opportunities for growth ”

- Kim

“A surprisingly low-key way of getting to know yourself and the world of others while being on a beautiful Journey”

- Regina

“A Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”

Meet your guide

Hi there!

My name is Oscar, I like to call myself a life-alchemist, a Jedi and an adventurer. Sounds like a big-deal right!?

Nothing more than just a big fan of life that came to realize after traveling a great part of the world and always dealing with different people, that we’re not so different from each other. We go through the same phases, deal with the same emotions, identity and search for meaning. And this is what I want to share, by creating an opportunity to share this journey called life together. Obviously with a lot of adventure, courage and connection. Because we’re in this together.


What is the refund for this Journey?2021-02-26T20:29:15+00:00

We’ve agreed with the majority of our partners to get a full refund if the Journey gets cancelled due to COVID. Which means that our aim is to provide you as much back as we can. If we manage to do that, then you can decide whether you want to leave a share for the effort made. Please know that it’s your own responsibility if you get sick. We will at least have to cover the costs we made for counting on you (groceries, accommodation etc…). This depends on each Journey. We’re not responsible for you getting sick beforehand. Even then we’ll try to give back as much as we can.

What gear do I need to arrange myself?2021-01-18T15:14:40+00:00

For Portugal this means simple hiking gear, proper shoes that you can walk on for a day, some sport clothes and a jacket to protect you from rain and wind. Like you would go on a good prepared hiking day.

What about the accommodation?2021-01-11T10:55:18+00:00

We have several rooms that we can make use of. Each bed is a separate bed. The house has a pool and a place for bonfires where we can gather at night. There’s grass and the beach is at walking distance.

How do I get to the location?2021-01-11T10:53:20+00:00

We got you on this one. We’ll try to combine flights so it becomes easier to pick you up all at once.

My question is not in here2021-01-11T11:18:27+00:00

Don’t worry be happy. Just send us a message to info@aneverendingjourney.com and we’ll get back to you asap.


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