**The Gathering of Men – Event Terms & Conditions**

1. **Event Registration:**

– By registering for any event organized by The Gathering of Men, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

2. **Cancellation Policy:**

– Cancellations made 60 days or more before the event date will receive a full refund.

– Cancellations made between 59 and 30 before the event date will receive a 60% refund.

– Cancellations made less than 29 before the event date are non-refundable, another option can be deposit 40% is non-refundable & the rest 60% if moved to another event. If the costs of that event are higher, you pay the higher amount.

– All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to hellothere@thegatheringofmen.earth.

3. **Event Changes:**

– The Gathering of Men reserves the right to modify, reschedule, or cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment.

– In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling, participants will be notified promptly, and refunds or alternative arrangements will be provided.

4. **Participant Responsibilities:**

– Participants are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, and any additional expenses unless explicitly stated otherwise in the event details.

– Participants must conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times during the event, adhering to the guidelines and instructions provided by The Gathering of Men.

5. **Liability Waiver:**

– By participating in any event organized by The Gathering of Men, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with such activities.

– You release The Gathering of Men, its organizers, staff, and affiliates from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other loss, whether physical or mental, that may occur during or as a result of the event.

6. **Photography and Media Release:**

– The Gathering of Men may capture photographs, videos, or other media during events.

– By attending, you grant permission for The Gathering of Men to use such media for promotional and marketing purposes without compensation or notification.

7. **Indemnification:**

– You agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Gathering of Men, its organizers, staff, and affiliates from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your participation in the event.

8. **Dispute Resolution:**

– Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions or the event itself shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the laws of [jurisdiction].

9. **Acceptance of Terms:**

– Your participation in the event signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.

10. **Contact Information:**

– For inquiries or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at hellothere@thegatheringofmen.earth

By continuing with your registration or attendance, you agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above.