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Support Program – Feed Nepal


How it became our mission

After the founder of A Neverending Journey spent 5 months in Nepal he came to realise that the Nepali are one of the most welcoming and giving people. At the same time they’re one of the poorest countries in the world. After volunteering and meeting the ladies from “Feed Nepal’, it became one of his missions to back the ladies as much as he can in a masculine driven environment. The kids need our help, but the ladies do too. More information about our team, the team of Feed Nepal and what your contribution can mean to them can be found on this page. Oh, and thank you for even being here. We know your time is valuable.


Feed Nepal x A Neverending Journey


We are A Neverending Journey running a support program for Feed Nepal. We are in full service and are volunteering for the sake of the kids and the ladies taking care of them. Feed Nepal is an NGO that primarily focuses on providing food for the kids at a school in one of the poorest regions in Kathmandu. If there’s more money, they can provide school uniforms and utilities. Why is that so important? It actually affects the attendance rate at school. Going to school costs money, and if they don’t have it, they rather let their kids be uneducated and put them to work. The parents choose short-term over long-term. Unless school doesn’t cost money. That’s where Feed Nepal stepped in and we’re helping.


Donating & donation status


You can always do a fundraising for these tiny ones. Just get in touch with us and we can always plan a call with the people from ‘Feed Nepal’. We’ll help you come up with a cool idea for fundraising!e always communicate with our partners from Feed Nepal and they ask for a ‘go’ on the things they need. They practically ask us; ‘can we use your donation for school utensils, to buy food, clothing etc… They provide us with heartwarming videos and pictures to show you and us what the impact has been.


Here’s where you donation goes to


The biggest share of the money goes to their daily nourishment. They are now getting served rice and eggs, of which many kids actually take the food back home to share it with their families. Let us make sure there’s enough for all.

Per month it costs approximately €2,50 per month per kid to provide them with nutritious food.

They went from nothing, to cookies, to instant noodles and now a proper meal as rice and egg. But they depend on people supporting them.

School utilities

These items vary, but one familiar ‘challenge’ is the children not having a school uniform. The uniforms serve as not being able to distinguish who can afford the outfit or not. Sometimes their clothes would even have private parts showing, which is dangerous. A share of the money goes to yearly school uniforms and utilities needed to attend school (pencils, books, notebooks etc…) The uniform consists of: shoes, belt, skirt/short, top, tie and handkerchief). The uniform only costs €8.75 per year.

Supporting the volunteers

They refuse to accept any salary as they only want the kids to be fine. But it is ran by Nepali women who are really working in service of the kids, but we want them to have a break as well. So of every donation/fundraising we want them to, first of all, earn a salary. Secondly, to go spoil themselves with a day-trip, a wellness or whatever they would like to do!

They love coffee, but a coffee is a big treat there that they only get twice a month because it is too expensive.

Meet the Feed Nepal family & their mission

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”

Meet the Feed Nepal Family

Hi there!

Our name is Ayusha and Ritu. We’re

What made you do this?

Is it hard work and uncertain at times? Why?


Meet the fundraising family

Oscar Alonso Delgado Initiator

Driven by the courage and the fire that lives inside every one, the connection with others, and the love for people and nature.

His adventures have taken him above 6180 meters in the Himalayas, to meet the Dalai Lama, lunch with Indian Royal Family, 100 hours of meditation in 10 days, riding reindeer and getting lost in a forest in Mongolia, volunteering and raising money for the needy children, altitude sickness, rescuing a puppy and being his companion for a week.

Favourite quote: “the universe favours the brave”.

Merline Pauw

The artist. The goddess. Creating all the beautiful illustrations come from here. But there’s more. She brings in the vibe, the small details and the taking care. As an intern she’s learning from the best. [Guess who typed this]

Camille Catois

The ‘Qu’est-ce qui’sse passe dans la place. Adventurer at heart. Made to be in the the outdoors and always in for a good laugh.


How to get there?2021-04-07T14:48:12+00:00

There’s a public transport stop literally in front of the terrain. From Amsterdam it will take approx 2 hours and 11 minutes. Our plan is to always carpool! So if you want to join someone let us know!

Are pets allowed?2021-03-23T12:13:59+00:00

Unfortunately there are no pets allowed to keep us company. However, the camping has horses, squirrels and sheep running around! So we’ve some company!

How does the menu look like?2021-03-22T12:07:48+00:00

Oh you better be ready for it. Everything is vegan.



Pumpkin curry with bulgur, edamame beans, tauge, chickpeas, carrot, koriander, lime


Overnight oats with peanut butter, chia seeds, red berries

To-go lunch:

Sriracha hummus – smoked tofu – rucola baguette

Raw courgette tartare sandwich 


Red lentil dahl with quinoa, tempeh bacon, cauliflower, broccoli, coconut herb yoghurt


Rice porridge with chuka wakame, pickled radish, corn

To-go lunch

Tahini – pickled-roasted mushroom – iceberg – multigrain buns

Miso – corn – sesame oil – roasted ratatouille veggies – mesclun – wraps


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