What is the refund for this Journey?

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We’ve agreed with the majority of our partners to get a full refund if the Journey gets cancelled due to COVID. Which means that our aim is to provide you as much back as we can. If we manage to do that, then you can decide whether you want to leave a share for the effort made. Please know that it’s your own responsibility if you get sick. We will at least have to cover the costs we made for counting on you (groceries, accommodation etc…). This depends on each Journey. We’re not responsible for you getting sick beforehand. Even then we’ll try to give back as much as we can.

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How do I get there?

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There’s several options, public transport brings you very close. We also try to arrange the transport between the group and possibly rent a bus for all

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What about the food?

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This will be minimum vegetarian, on the first day food is provided, then we sit together and decide and what to eat and then we cook together. It’s good fun! Ah and outside we’ve a barbecue! During the trek it’s simple oatmeal morning, some lunch, and expedition food in the night! The real experience!

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What is the difficulty of the trek?

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It’s challenging but doable. We believe in rising in our power and see that the mind is often what limits us. A 3 day trek can be challenging, but won’t wore you out. Therefore, by the time you’re really done, you’re already back. We’ll be carrying our food and tents for the 3 days! It’s a real adventure!! I am sure you got this, we’ve had person with chronic fatigue who made it (on willpower).

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What will be our accommodation?

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We’re staying at a beautiful house surrounded by forest when we remain at site. You’ll be sharing the room with 2 other people. Besides that, there’s still a living room, a good shower and (bubble) bath and a kitchen. The majority of the time you will be outside. During the trek we’ll be staying in tents and most likely sharing a tent with either 1 person or 2. We provide the tents 🙂

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