Is there refunds?

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25% will be held if you cancel 1 month prior to the event. Anything less than a month we’ll hold the 100%. Far too often we tried to be nice to people, but always ended up getting in trouble ourselves. So we invite you to commit to your choice, we’ll do the rest for you. In any emergency circumstances you can always privately contact us. But these are the ground rules.

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What do I have to bring?

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Not much, there’s no need to check in extra baggage. Please note that way before time you will get an email and provided a packing list that can easily fit as a cabin luggage. Don’t worry.

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What can I expect at camp?

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This terrain is rugged. Far from what you expect from a ‘stereotype’ retreat. We go back into the elements, back to the basics. Surrounded by ruins, sleeping in tents, comfy tents, a natural toilet, showering in ruins. It will be an experience not to forget and much more cozy and welcoming than you may think.

Besides that there’s a proper kitchen place, where you can always get coffee, drinks and fruits.

There are designated areas for fire, ritual combat, eating, sleeping, showering, toilets.

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