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Your first step into understanding & embodying the role of a facilitator


Facilitator’s Initiation

A course consisting of 8 in person sessions to inspire and assist men who feel the call to facilitate, guide and hold space for a gathering (of men). These sessions will be divided over a period of 12 weeks, the in-between weeks you will be given prompts through our online platform to reflect and prepare the next session. We will offer basic principles and tools to hold space, create rituals and guide a group through a process of authentic connection.

We believe that in order to be sufficient and effective as a facilitator, dealing with the dynamics of a group during a session, you first need to be able to hold space for yourself. This course will emphasise that internal process, which will then be extended to working with the other and finally the group.

We aim to empower you to find your own voice, style, and authentic way of guiding a group. You will be encouraged bring in your spirit, skills, talents, personal experiences and background, so that you can confidently lead in your own way, supported by tools that we offer.

After the course, you will have a clear understanding of the intention and purpose of a gathering, how to prepare and how to hold an empowering, transformative space for others, displaying authentic leadership through being yourself.

Part I – Authentic Self

The foundation, there’s no holding space if you don’t even know what’s yours. What are you bringing to the table? Who are you truly? What makes it you? What triggers you? What elements of you will come into play? What makes you authentic? How well do you know yourself?

Part II – Self & other

After knowing more of yourself. The dance begins with another person from ‘self’. Now it’s 2 persons holding space. What comes at play, how to engage, read, understand, open up. Learn to move with clear intention and handle responsively.

Part III – Holding (the) space

What moves a group? What works for quick engagement? How to deepen? How to change the energy of the group & how to read it. How do you hold yourself with so many men engaged? What is the buildup of a gathering?

The Facilitator

Oscar Andoni Alonso Delgado

The founding father of The Gathering of Men. Has gained his experience of working with people through travels & stepping up to the role as a facilitator & coach. He has now worked with over 200 men over the period of 2 years. Someone who tries to live by what he communicates. A baggage of 4 years of coaching, 300+ people guided in total, loves traveling and adventure, 6+ years of meditation. Always tries to bring in the lightness of life and joy into his gatherings.

“Before being able to hold space for others, we must learn to hold ourselves first”

What men like you experienced

“This initiation gave me an insight in what it means to facilitate and hold space for both a group as for myself. It was truly an eye-opening experience. The course was well structured, engaging and it provided a safe space where all men could show up in their own unique and authentic way. “

- Faried

“It struck me how much I learned in these few evenings, also by watching the others lead their created exercises.” I learned that it is “human first, facilitator second!” and that it is essential to know, trust and feel yourself before you can step into the world (or men’s circle) and show up for others. Worrying about the ‘performance’ mostly falls away, and it’s really just about “how can I bring my authentic self?” The second half of the course was more hands-on, with opportunities to practice within the safe space of the group and direct feedback from the other men and our teacher Oscar.”


“I’m grateful for the lessons and all the moments we shared. We did not only learn from the facilitators of the GOM, but especially from each other and ourselves. As a result of this program I feel more at home with my own authenticity, I feel more at home with other men, and I now have some tools to guide groups in a way that resonate with my values, style and story.”

- Yves

“Being prepared, but being open to what’s truly present, a facilitator understands what to do”


€1089,- incl. VAT

  • 8 In-person gatherings
  • Facilitators
  • in between week prompts
  • Tea on location
  • Online platform private group access
  • Transport to location
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!


The 8 in-person gatherings will take place in Amsterdam, location will be announced. Most likely out of city centre so parking is a viable option.

Dates & Time

Every night it will start at 19:00 sharp, whether online or in-person. They will take approximately 2,5hrs each.

1st Thursday 14 March
2nd Thursday 21 March
3rd Thursday 4 April
4th Thursday 18 April
5th Thursday 2 May
6th Thursday 16 May
7th Thursday 30 May
8th Thursday 6 June


If there’s any questions left unanswered of you wish to reach out you can do that by reaching out through here.

I cannot pay at once, what are the options?2023-01-02T12:45:42+00:00

For that you can send a direct mail to: hellothere@thegatheringofmen.earth and we look together for possibilities.

I’ve been present at gatherings, so I’ve seen how to do it. Should I still do this?2023-01-02T12:44:16+00:00

For us this is a 100% yes. We’ve had men coming in for many times and decided to host afterwards. Realising that it is a whole different ballgame. Many more factors at play & one of the biggest is yourself. Being a facilitator at a gathering is more complex than a participant/guest for many reasons. We’ll dedicate specific time to this during the course.

Will I learn interventions & dealing with trauma?2023-01-02T12:44:34+00:00

For this initiatory journey no. This will provide you a clear overview on creating a structured and organized journey while also holding yourself. To intervene is a next level to the course. For that you need more time & first create a truly safe space.

Will I be a facilitator for The Gathering of Men after this?2023-01-02T12:37:05+00:00

Possibly. If we feel we’re a good match we can initiate and progress further on working together. This will also serve if you start your own men’s gathering. You can explicitly state after signing up if you want to do it for us and by that time we will assess whether the time is there or not.


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