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A journey of 7 months diving in deep with a fixed group of men


Deep Dive Journey

A fixed group of men ready to go deep just as you. No 50/50, all in, for 7 months. Let’s go.

Join the 7 month journey of commitment & growth. A longer time to strengthen, deepen oneself and the bond of brotherhood. By being part of a fixed group of men you’ll experience more space and trust to go deeper and have the chance to contribute to a sense of community. We’ll dive into a broad range of themes such as, authenticity, ownership, sexuality, impact etc… to explore ourselves and learn what it means for you to be a man. We’ll share experiences and emotions that we all recognise and slowly step into our full essence as a huMAN being.

*Note – limited spots available.

Why join?

  • A fixed group of men ready to go deep just as you. No 50/50, all in, for 8 months. Let’s go.
  • A dedicated group & Whatsapp group to share
  • Accountability towards each other
  • €5 discount per gathering & guaranteed spot
  • Learn from your brothers & exploring yourself.

The Elements

#1 – Get to know & Set the tone

We will work with first getting to know the group, what brings each of us here. What binds us, what do we expect from each other. Setting the tone in agreements & rules. Laying the foundation & already going in.

#2 – Authenticity & Integrity

In your individuality you express the God force within you. What does it mean to be authentic & live with integrity. Which areas are you not showing up authentically? Where can you live with more integrity?

#3 – Ownership & Responsibility

In order to bring change to something we must first fully acknowledge which part is our responsibility & ownership. From victim to being in control. To be the change maker in your life.

#4 – Connection

A key element in truly engaging in conversations & building relationships. Whether that’s a partner, friend or colleague. What is key to creating and having lasting connections? What’s your part in it?

#5 – Masculine/Feminine dynamics

Together exploring our definition and balance within ourself between the masculine & feminine energies. What do they actually mean? What is more present? How to have both?

#6 – Sexuality

Explore ways to harness our sexual energy. In what ways does it show up? Healthy & unhealthy. Sharing ways on how to channel sexual energies & talk about that what may be in the way of that.

#7 – Impact

After we know what we’re able to be authentic in & hold responsibility for. We can now be in service. We give of what we’ve become. What’s your impact in your environment? How do you actively carry forth who you’ve become?

#8 – Initiation & Celebration

There’s no ‘work’ without celebration. We believe that in the exploration of men the expression of joy, freedom, fun is just as important. We’ll close off the journey & initiate you for the next part of your journey.

The Facilitators

Lars Veenstra

Lars has been with the Gathering from nearly the beginning. His role started to grow by sticking around & offering his help. He’s an expert filmmaker and has always been dedicating himself in the calmness that we can all carry within. He’s now ready & eager to carry out what this work has meant for him personally & will continue to bring forth.

Lars has also followed the Facilitator’s Initiation.

Bart Nijhuis

Bart has been the biggest supporter of this movement since he first joined. Helping with the strategies to make sure we offer & get back. He’s a committed man and serious about bringing the work and spreading it further. A man of promises & agreements. Ready to engage with you into many different layers. He’s an entrepreneur and is successful at it. Ready to know spread his passion and fire for this work with you.

Bart has also followed the Facilitator’s Initiation.

“The Deep Dive is about taking that extra leap”

What people like you experienced

“Has given me a feeling of belonging to something greater than myself and the knowledge that there are healthy strong masculine men out there to learn from ❤️ so grateful for this brotherhood!”

- Tim

“The Gathering gives me a sense of purpose, a place I can be, share, feel, listen, learn, get inspired and a place to sharpen the tools to do the work”

- Nigel

“Even though we have a lot on our plates and a mouth full of unanswered questions, when we gather it’s so much easier to digest”

- Guillermo

“To feel realness with all the good shit & real shit”


New price TBA.

  • Program & themes
  • Location
  • Facilitators
  • Transport to location
  • Unplanned surprises brought to us by life!


Please note locations alternate between Apeldoorn and Enschede. Find the cities for each date in the next section ‘Date & Time’. Exact addresses will be shared in an email before we start on the journey.

Dates & Time

*For each number see elements mentioned above in the section ‘Elements’

#1 – Monday 11 December – Enschede
#2 – Monday 22 January – Apeldoorn
#3 – Monday 19 February – Enschede
#4 – Monday 18 March – Apeldoorn
#5 – Monday 15 April – Enschede
#6 – Monday 13 May – Apeldoorn
#7 – Monday 10 June – Enschede

Join the waiting list for the next Deep Dive

By signing up you will be the first one to know about the next course coming up, as spots are limited.


If there’s any questions left unanswered of you wish to reach out you can do that by reaching out through here.

How do I get to the location?2021-02-17T11:35:10+00:00

This is up to you and is your responsibility. But our intention is to carpool if we come from the same places. The nearest airport is Bordeaux.


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