About ANJ

A Neverending Journey is more of a way of living

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Our way


“We don’t do typical workshops, we do bonfires.”

What we help you do

Whether for businesses or individuals, same same, we’re dealing with people. This is what we as ANJ help you accomplish:

  • Create a strong attitude towards life, like a mountain.

  • Identifying your pitfalls and the things you’re good at.

  • Daring to trust your fellow humans, jump off the cliff and trust on his/her hand.

  • Learning to trust on yourself and life. Life loves adventure and those who follow their dream!

  • Setting a clear course in your life based on your life values, adventure starts with sense of direction.

  • Developing courage to be vulnerable, we’re not so different from one another.

  • Becoming brave so that you dare to face your fears, this time we smile at our fear, and do it anyway.

  • Creating meaning or purpose for whatever you’re (already) doing. Believe us you really are.

  • Learning ways of thinking on how to communicate and create a harmonious environment.

  • Willingness to help your fellow humans and/or colleagues out, it’s really that simple.

  • Owning your personal growth, creating a domino effect in your surrounding.

“No guru telling you how to live your life, we do this together”


Meet the brothers

Guillermo Armand Blinker
Legendary facilitator/shaman/music maker

Our dear brother Guillermo, Mister Otion.

The embodiment of flow, both in music as well as in motion. Sometimes silently streaming like a creek, and other times he’ll surge like a storm.

Layers and layers of humanity, deeply packed into one beautiful being. Our sage of sincerity, speaking truth into action and power. Wise beyond his years but also playfully wicked like a kid.

Count on this beautiful brother to hold you up as you break, or break you open when you can no longer hold it up.

The space he holds will hold you safe and sacred so you can heal into wholeness. (written by Stefan)

Thijs Hasselhof
The master brain

Thijs is hugely devoted to whatever he sets his mind to, puts his heart and soul in everything he feels to create and, he allows his vulnerability to share his inner true feelings. To me, he is the anti-stereotypical man that has the looks, is physically built strong, and has a charming personality. However, his inner being is equally beautiful. Never judge a book by its cover.

Thijs inspires other men to be real, raw, and revolutionary to this era of men.

Not knowing him as well in his private space feels unnecessary cause to me he’s a very strong link within the tribe of TGOM and I am looking so much forward to diving more into the depths with my brother Thijs. (written by Patrick)

Javier van Heckers
The embodied man & facilitator

This man, his embodiment in every state that he is in. He embodies where he is at or at that moment. It is inspiring to see, hear and feel when he shares whatever he is going through when he shares his thought and gives advice on the things that come up during Gatherings.

Even though I know he is so far in his own personal journey, he wants to go deeper, learn, grow and share it all with whomever he comes in contact with, so to walk side by side with this man is a privilege to all. (written by Nigel)

Facilitator and all about energies

Our sensei master brings peace and the ritual. To him, many things can be communicated and experienced in silence, excels at asking the right questions to explore yourself and saying the right things to make you feel at ease. Enzo is one of our facilitators, of which one also takes place in Utrecht. He always makes sure that we’re all on the same level and frequency.

Enzo, is a breatharian, an energetic masseur, a facilitator, and a legend. (written by Oscar)

Patrick Karijowidjojo
The master brain

If life is a dancefloor Patrick is the one that starts the party.

He embodies, strength, mobility, and a kind playfulness that is infectious to everybody in the room. We are inspired by how Patrick fully embraces the strength in softness and vulnerability as he dances gracefully through the dark night of the soul with a humble heart.

He is a father determined to model an empowered and spiritually connected version of masculinity connected to ancestral lineage. A powerful speaker sharing words that flow like his dance moves in a never-ending motion dedicated to healing the collective. (written by Guillermo)

Nigel van der Horst

The ‘I got you’ type. Always one step ahead in thinking and acting. If she wouldn’t be there, Oscar’s life would be a constant chase to keep up with deadlines and activities. Ah and a complete chaos! An adventurer and survivor in real life. Knows how to do almost everything, and if not, she makes sure she will be able soon enough. Unmissable in the fellowship. (written by Javier)

Stefan Schotsborg
Legendary facilitator/shaman/music maker

Brother Stefan is warm, friendly, and cheerful which immediately makes you feel welcome. He likes to help and listens with his undivided attention so that you immediately feel that he is making a genuine connection.

Because he dares to be vulnerable and open, he invites you to show more of yourself.

He is very creative and always able to see the beautiful things in life. (written by Enzo)

Oscar Andoni Alonso Delgado

Meet Oscar. The big man.

The initiator of TGOM and the man that has brought this initiative to life.

Living with pure intentions and in service of his fellow brothers and sisters, he creates the space where people can grow, evolve and connect with their inner authentic selves. A man with a big and open heart sharing his wisdom, a creative mind that never stops thinking about new ideas and concepts, a man living his purpose. He knows how to bring people together, as a natural-born connector! Future dreams: creating a retreat resort in Nepal and building his own peanut butter factory. (written by Thijs)